This policy has been developed to provide a healthy safe and comfortable working environment through well published and displayed information regarding smoking in enclosed workplaces in the workplace.

From 1 July 2007 all employers in England have a responsibility to ensure that non-smokers have a right to work in a safe and healthy environment and the legislation being introduced on 1 July 2007 under the Health act.

The act places a duty of care upon employers who can no longer:

  • Allow employees to smoke in smoking rooms
  • Segregate smokers and non-smokers within the building
  • This company will enforce the no smoking rule by not allowing
  • Smoking within enclosed areas including customer premises, work vehicles and within the company premises
  • It is not intended to stop employees smoking in open spaces during working hours but all should remember that this privilege should not be abused
  • Accordingly any breaking of this no smoking policy will be looked upon as a breach of disciplinary regulations and will be acted upon accordingly
  • This policy extends to all levels of employees
  • Local authorities have the power to enforce the non-smoking ban by way of fixed penalty if an offence is revealed